Thursday, August 25, 2011

26.... the year that changed EVERYTHING!!!

Last Saturday I celebrated my 26th Birthday! And on Monday, I joined Weight Watchers!! This is going to be a year of change for me.  A year of losses, celebration and a year that I've worked my whole life to accomplish! I will do this! Its only 1 year and I have the rest of my life ahead of me! Think of how many years I will be able to add to my life by making doing this....

I ran across this today and HAD to share it... because it is going to be my motto for the next 365 days.... (well 361 now...)

"I'm doing this! No more excuses, no more binging or irrational eating because it only makes me feel bad about myself afterwards.  This year will be MY year and for once I'm not just saying that! I will make the necessary changes, I'm going to get to my healthy weight I don't care if im going to have to sweat like a dog, or cut back on junk food.  No more hating my body and feeling like crap. I'm going to treat myself right and teach myself healthy habits MY WEIGHT ISNT GOING TO HOLD ME BACK ANYMORE!"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

its HARD to change habits!!!!!

WOW! I never realized how much your body gets used to something... I am finding it so difficult to change my eating habits. I know that after a couple of weeks it will be better, its just this initial beginning.

I decided Monday after my WW meeting that I would start tracking EVERYTHING! Thats the only way to stay on the plan and to lose weight. So, I have been. I had to dive into my weekly allowance a little bit yesterday, but I still wrote down everything and for that I am really proud of myself.

I even made a really healthy choice at dinner last night. I orderd the salmon and steamed veggies! I was so proud of myself because it would have been so easy to order mashed potatos or a baked potato!

I'm learning to take things day by day and before I know it a week/month/year will be gone by!

As far as the gym goes.. well.. I went yesterday morning and I am sore today, but not too bad! This morning I couldn't make myself get out of bed...but I will go tonight while B is at softball practice....

one day at a time...

Here's my motivation for today: "Take care of your body...its the only place you have to live!" -Rohn

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

so sore.... but so proud of myself!!!!

so... I must admit I didn't work out yesterday.  I was headed to the gym for my Zumba class and found out that it was cancelled.  I should have gone ahead and gone and ran or did some free weights but my legs were sore from Monday night's workout and I decided to take it easy.

When Brandon woke me up this morning as he was getting in the shower I knew I had to get up and go to the gym.  I had made plans to meet a couple of friends for the 5:30am kickboxing class!  WOO 5:30 came EARLY!!!! AND when I stepped out of bed my calves felt like they were in a vice! You know that feeling you get when you get a cramp in the middle of the night, how tight it feels the next day?  Yea thats how my calves felt.  But I got up, got ready and made it to the gym by 5:30.  I was so proud of myself for going even though I was sore. 

AND NOW..... I'm even more sore! haha!!! I think I am going to take tomorrow and Friday off and let my body rest up.  I can hardly walk at work today! But I am so glad that I went and pushed through!

Eating wise.... well I am doing better than I was.  I haven't eaten any fast food so that is good.  But I still need to do better.  My birthday is Saturday, soI I know we will eat out this weekend, so Monday I plan on following the weight watchers plan by the book!!!

I am already feeling better!  I am sleepin better at night... and just so proud of myself.  Now I gotta keep this going for 363 more day! haha!!!  I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Here. We. Go.

well.. where do I even begin.   I have struggled with weight my ENTIRE life! And I'm talking I was on slim fast at age 6! I've never been overly obese... just always bigger than other girls my age...

About 3 years ago I decided it was time for a change. I began going to a physician weight loss and lost 50 pounds in 3 months! Can you say incredible!! soon as I stopped taking the magic pills and injections I slowly put all that weight back on, plus about 20 more pounds.

I'm not ready to tell the world how much I weigh, or give you the exact number of lbs I want to lose, but my goal is 2 lbs a week, give or take a few.... and I will be at my goal no longer than this time next year!

I'm done saying I'm going to start tomorrow... I'm done giving up after a week.  This is my life changing experience and I WILL accomplish this goal!

So... my first mini-goal is to lose 15 pounds... here goes nothing!!

"A year from now, you'd wish you had started today!"